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I love working with people and seeing them smile. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Technology.   I came to Biofield Tuning looking for healing. I herniated 3 discs in my lower back L3, L4 and L5 in 2008. I was told I would need to be be on anti-inflamitories for the rest of my life. After reading the side effects of the medication I realized I would rather live with the pain than the side effects. It lead me to look for alternative ways to control my pain and inflammation.  I was introduced to Biofield Tuning in the summer of 2017 and felt a calling inside me to want to learn how I could help others heal also. I love sound and music and I know there is a healing benefit to sound. I believe we were created by vibration and I believe in healing by vibrations.  

Your body is an electrical system and sometimes becomes out of resonance. The frequency of the tuning forks allows the body to auto correct and come into a balance. The body has a field around in which we call the biofield. It is a lot like the gravitational field of the earth. Imagine you could see a radio wave traveling around the world, then all the sudden a tall tree pops up and interferes with the signal. Now what was once peaceful and coherent now has noise introduced which is no longer allowing the signal to travel the way it was intended. Your body is the same way it has frequencies or signals which circle around the body. Sometimes something like emotions or past experiances will cause the signal to be interupted causing noise in the frequency. The noise can cause physical or emotional pain. The tuning forks have the ability to introduce a different frequency or a noise canceling frequency which will help the noise to become coherent and more in line with what the body wants.