Who are you?

I am a father of 2 and married to my high school sweetheart. Born and raised in Boise, Idaho I love this area and plan to stay a while. I have always loved technology and it led me to Boise State University to acquire a Bachelor's Degree in Electronics Technology. I have a natural ability to find out why something is not working while creating a solution to the problem. I have been working with a phone company for the last 19 years and am working my way into a healing practice. I am a people person who loves sound and I know the healing benefit of music. I am a certified Biofield Tuning level 4 Practitioner trained by the author of “Tuning the Human Biofield” Eileen Day McKusick. I work with all types of people with many different ailments. I am involved with a community of professionals who work with the body so if I cannot provide the best care for you I can refer you to someone who could be a better match.

What do you do?

With tuning forks I use sound on and around the body to relax muscles and bring it into resonance with itself. Sometimes stuck emotions can cause emotional and physical pain or both. The tuning forks induce a noise canceling frequency which moves stuck energy into the body's energy centers and allows the body to auto correct itself. I do a combing process with the tuning fork starting at the edge of a person’s field (normally about 6 feet away) and bringing the energy into the body. The body then has the ability to redistribute the energy where it is needed thereby helping people feel better. I do not diagnose or treat the physical body , which is the domain of the medical field.

Why is this important to you?

I went to an energy healing conference where I was introduced to Biofield Tuning. I knew there was something powerful to this modality. Sound is powerful and has the ability to create and destroy. I watched and participated in a session, which amazed me. I did some extensive research on the modality and realized it was something I wanted to do also. I want to help people live to the best of their ability. When the body is running at peak performance people are happier, more productive and loving to the community. I feel like energy healing the emotional level is a huge step in repairing issues in our physical lives.  

Additional Notes:

I am able to cover the greater Treasure Valley area near Boise, Idaho. According to Einstein’s Spooky Action at a Distance, energy does not need time and space to work so I offer distance sessions over the phone. The sessions are just as powerful as if you were in the room. Not everybody is a good candidate for Biofield Tuning. We cannot work on pregnant women, people with pacemakers or terminally ill clients. Vibration sounds can go deep into the body and cause the body to detoxify. If the body has a compromised immune system it could have adverse side effects. If there is anything which you have a question about feel free to ask.