Sound Healing for the

Body, Mind and Spirit

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Why I am involved with Biofield Tuning

I love working with people and seeing them smile. I was introduced to Biofield Tuning in the summer of 2016 and felt a calling inside me to learn how I could help others. I use tuning forks to introduce sound into the body to help muscles relax and the mind to focus. Your body is an electrical system and has a field around it in which we call the biofield. It is a lot like the gravitational field of the earth. Imagine a radio wave traveling around the world, then all the sudden a tall tree pops up and interferes with the signal. What was once peaceful and coherent now has noise introduced which is no longer allowing the signal to travel the way it was intended. Your body is the same way, it has frequencies or signals which circle around it. Sometimes something like emotions or past experiences will cause the signal to be interrupted causing noise in the frequency. The noise can cause physical or emotional pain. The tuning forks have the ability to introduce a noise canceling frequency which will help the the body to auto correct and come into balance.

This is an example of the Bio-Field around a body. Courtesy of Freak Alley in Boise, Id

This is an example of the Bio-Field around a body. Courtesy of Freak Alley in Boise, Id


I have an office in Beautiful Greenleaf and will also be using an office in Boise twice a month.

I can also come to you if you have a space in which we can work.


Biofield Tuning Sessions

There are many different ways to work together. What are you looking for? We can tailor something toward your needs. I can come to you for an extra fee on any session.

For new clients I recommend having an open mind and a 3 session package. Ask me about prices if your interested. I recommend 3 times so you can get a feeling of what I do and how everything incorporates into the body.

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Biofield tuning

1 hr $80

A normal session lying on a massage table I work with what the body needs at the time or if you have a specific problem in the body we can address it. I will be looking for stuck energy which may be causing ailments in the body.


SOnic Meridian Flush

1 hr 15 min $100

The Sonic Meridian Flush is a very relaxing session working on the back, head, face, arms, hands, feet and legs. Upon leaving you may feel like you are walking on a cloud.


seated chair session

30 min $40

A good intro to biofield tuning working with tension in the shoulders and grasping a feel for the vibrations of the tuning forks. Stiff shoulders contribute to headaches and lack of movement in the neck.


Tuning fork Facial

30 min $40

Relaxation of facial muscles. Relieving built up tension and stress in the face. Facial treatments can soften the skin and help with wrinkles.


distance Session

1 Hr $80

Energy does not need time and space to work. It can work over distance as if you were here. Einsteins spooky action at a distance can prove this.


Scar treatment

30 min $40

Ever had surgery or an accident which left a scar. The tuning forks can be used to break up scar tissue and reduce the tenderness of the site.